Look for These 3 Attributes of Good Advisors

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It’s time to refine the process you use for making informed decisions about new tech and be a resource for others.

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10 Ideas for Reducing the Unintended Consequences of Emerging Technologies

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The resources, experts and ideas within a university campus are a rich source of diversity that can complement a business’s internal capabilities.

Here are 8 ways executives can broaden their expert networks and info sources by tapping into universities.

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When your executive team is ready to recruit a critical thinker or two into your expert network it pays to have realistic expectations for the practicalities of the exercise. Even though the process will likely be different than usual and possibly require more resources, the additional intellectual power gained will be a significant advantage.

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To navigate the challenges of the data-rich Information Age, the CEO and executive team require access to increasingly sophisticated critical thinking skills. University professors and Post-Ac members are professional critical thinkers and offer enormous value to the CEO’s expert network.

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Removing the barriers that increase professional risk would lead to practical and cultural change.

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The #Imaginable Project.

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  • How can we act together during this moment of uncertainty to change ‘leadership’ for the better?
  • What must leaders do more (or less) of…

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The #Imaginable Project.

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